About Jeff Meyer

Jeff has worked with the Analysis Factor since 2013.jeff-meyer-150

He has written the Stata code for our statistics workshops, teaches workshops on statistical analysis using Stata, and writes articles with an emphasis of employing Stata’s capabilities in analyzing data. Jeff joined the consulting team of the Analysis Factor in February of 2016.

In consultation, Jeff’s main areas of focus are multivariate, logistic (bivariate, ordinal and multinomial), mixed models, truncated, censored, Poisson and negative binomial regression.

He is also well versed in Stata’s multiple imputation model for missing data and is well versed in confidence intervals and effect sizes. In the event the client is short on time and needs their data set cleaned, Jeff has created templates incorporating macros and loops to quickly prepare a data set for analysis.

Jeff started working professionally with data in 1987 after obtaining his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Over the next twenty years he managed money for international banks and hedge funds in New York, Saudi Arabia and London.

His responsibilities included creating financial models to analyze economic and market risks and served as chief portfolio manager.

With the collapse of the financial markets in 2008 Jeff decided to turn his efforts to using statistical analysis for the purpose of creating sound public policy. He obtained a second masters from NYU Wagner School of Public Service with a focus on quantitative analysis within Public Policy.

Jeff understands that to be an effective instructor and consultant it takes more than knowledge of the subject matter and applying a logical approach to analyzing data. You have to also enjoy working with people and most importantly care about their success.

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Jeff’s Workshops

Introduction to Data Analysis with Stata

Level: Introductory

Software Used: Stata


lm-stata-full Linear Models in Stata

Level: Intermediate

Software Used: Stata


Managing Data and Optimizing Output in Stata: Taking Your Stata Skills to a Higher Level

Level: Intermediate

Software Used: Stata

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