Announcing a New Statistics Resource

by Karen


As part of my ongoing effort to rid the world of its frustration with statistics, I am creating a new monthly teleseminar program.

If you’ve never hear of teleseminars, here is the idea:

A teleseminar is essentially a giant conference call.  I, as the host, will give a 30-40 minute seminar on a statistical topic or interview an expert on a specific statistical issue. The remaining 20-30 minutes will be for questions.

Participants register for the call to get call-in instructions and directions for downloading any handouts.   Each call is limited to 100 spots.

The teleseminar is free, but you are responsible for any long distance charges you incur.

The call will be recorded, so if you miss it, you can still listen in.  Listen over and over if it helps.  Or listen to previous teleseminars as the topic becomes relevant to your research.

I am planning the first one for early December.  I’m working on dates and topics, and will be in touch soon with more details.  If there is a topic you’d like to see, please shoot me an email at or comment below.

I’m pretty excited about it, because my favorite part of statistical consulting has always been helping people understand statistics.  And some things are so much easier to explain in conversation than in writing.

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John Mordigal November 24, 2008 at 6:21 pm

Great idea. Probably won’t call in too often, or at all, but would definitely like to listen to the recording of topic areas I’m interested in….would like to know if I’m actually an auditory learner (as opposed to visual) for some things…


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