Online Workshop Coordinator

The Analysis Factor LLC is a growing statistical support company that is on a mission to make quality statistical support accessible and affordable. We offer statistical consulting, webinars and workshops, a membership program, a newsletter, and a blog.
We are looking for an Online Workshop Coordinator to produce our workshops. Your primary role will focus on planning, setting up, and implementing our live online workshops and on demand tutorials. This includes all aspects of producing our workshops and tutorials, including project management; coordinating with and assisting instructors, marketing, and customer support; quality assurance; scheduling and planning; and onboarding, engaging, and providing customer service for workshop participants.

This position has a lot of room for growth for the right person who can be diligent with systems, run quality control, and identify problems and implement solutions. You will be the sole member of our workshop production department. At the beginning you will do everything soup to nuts, but we are looking for someone who can grow into a program fulfillment manager position and build a team.

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done recently:

• Kept up to date on ways to increase participant engagement and retention.
• Worked with our marketing coordinator to set a promotion schedule for an upcoming workshop.
• Reminded one of our workshop instructors of the documents you needed to post to the workshop website this week, with firm deadlines and instructions.
• Updated our Excel spreadsheets that keep track of workshop participation and enrollment.
• Communicated with our bookkeeper to make sure our last instructor got paid.
• Created a set of screen shot videos to orient new workshop participants to the resources and content of our workshop website.
• Collected handouts from our current guest instructor, formatted them, communicated changes to be made, and uploaded them to our workshop center for participants.
• Created a new quality assurance checklist to ensure that all workshop materials are correct and in the right place before a workshop opens.
• Onboarded a brand new instructor: collected their bio, headshot, a workshop title and description; trained them on how to use our webinar system, and showed them our production schedule so they knew when they needed to submit material.
• Set up satisfaction surveys and collected and communicated the results.
• Improved the layout and navigation of the workshop website to make it easier for participants to find materials and resources.
• Edited On Demand Tutorial videos submitted to you by the instructor, created video players, and set up a back-end web page for delivery of the tutorial to customers.
• Scheduled and led a wrap-up meeting with the workshop instructor, customer support team, and marketing coordinator to figure out what worked and what didn’t so we can make improvements for our next workshop.

Applications you’ll use often:

• Ontraport
• WordPress (with minor html)
• PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• Excel
• Basecamp
• GoToWebinar

When and where you’ll be working:

We’re in an office suite on the corner of Corn and West State Street in downtown Ithaca. Within a two block radius you’ll find: Gimme Coffee, free all-day parking, massage therapists, a classic diner, a mechanic, multiple restaurants, yoga, a park – it’s a great neighborhood to work in.

Our office suite area includes access to a full kitchen and a bathroom with shower, so feel free to bring your lunch and bike in.

There is some flexibility of when you work, and we treat you like an adult about when you come and go. That said, we are generally open during regular office hours, so expect to be in the office Monday through Friday during our core hours of 10-4 and to stay later on days that workshops are being offered.

The job is a 35-hour/week full-time position with benefits, including health insurance, retirement, and paid time off.

You’re the one we’re looking for if:

• You’re excited to be part of a growing, successful venture. You understand that sometimes everyone does a little bit of everything in a small office, and you’re happy to be flexible and supportive. You’re willing to do some repetitive tasks as part of your job.
• You have an entrepreneurial spirit and excitement about helping us grow.
• You are a stellar communicator and a bit of a grammar fanatic. You write clearly and speak well.
• You are wildly productive and independent, but still like working within a team.
• You’re proactive— you like problem solving and thinking of creative and strategic ways to engage our workshop participants. You don’t wait to be told the steps to solve problems or achieve goals.
• You are a people person and are committed to great customer service—you truly want to get to know and understand our customers. You’re eager to be in regular contact with our workshop participants, including making phone calls on a regular basis.
• When you get stuck on something, your first instinct is to figure it out on your own, but you aren’t afraid to ask questions.
• You are meticulous about checking for typos or other errors in your work.
• You are a calendar and task-management ninja. Although you’ll have adequate time to complete all tasks, this position will require you to manage when each one needs to be done.
• While you’re detail-oriented, you can also step back and see the big picture of how processes work and how changing one procedure affects others. You love improving production processes and often ask yourself, “How can I make this more efficient and/or simpler?”
• You are not intimidated by new technology. You are comfortable using many types of internet applications and are eager to learn new ones. You are internet savvy and are interested in learning and embracing new applications and technology.
• You have no fear about the fact that our business is all about statistics, even though you may not have a background in math or statistics.
Bonus Points:
• You have experience with Ontraport, WordPress, and GoToWebinar.
• You have taken at least one statistics class.
• You have a background in project management, learning design, and/or video editing.

About TAF:

The Analysis Factor LLC is a growing statistical support company that is on a mission to make quality applied statistical support accessible and affordable. We offer statistical consulting, webinars and workshops, a membership program, as well as a newsletter and a blog on statistics and data analysis.

Our customers are graduate students, researchers in government, non-profits, marketing, academia, program evaluation companies, and more: anyone who gets their hands messy with data.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Analysis Factor, LLC is an equal employment opportunity employer. Employment decisions are based on merit and business needs, and not on race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.

To Apply:

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary expectation to us at: employment @ theanalysisfactor.com