Correlated Predictors in Regression Models: What is Multicollinearity and How to Detect it Webinar

by Karen


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Correlated Predictors in Regression Models: What is Multicollinearity and How to Detect it

There’s nothing like multicollinearity to strike fear into the heart of any regression modeler. But true multicollinearity is pretty rare, and correlations among predictors are not good metrics of multicollinearity. Join us in this free webinar to learn what multicollinearity is and is not, when it’s problematic, and better ways to detect it.

This webinar has already taken place, but you can get the video recording here.

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Denise June 11, 2014 at 1:20 pm

Hi there,
I agree that the export function is helpful, but unless you know in advance you will need to export your output you are in trouble. I’ve had difficulties with version 21 so I decided to go back to version 19, but now I have to re-run all my analyses because I can’t see my output. The problem will be resolved by re-installing version 21 but I don’t really want to because it has more bugs than version 19 I’ve discovered. There is a Smart Reader you can use, but it doesn’t seem to work….


Nikki Heim September 30, 2013 at 3:43 pm

I purchased this online webinar and found it very helpful! Due to the webinar time constraint is seemed that the last section aimed to discuss the interpretation of the condition indices and variance proportions was cut a bit short.

Any online resources or articles are suggested for further reading on this topic would be greatly appreciated.



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