Interpreting Regression Coefficients Teleseminar is Wednesday

by Karen


Just a reminder that our free monthly teleseminar is tomorrow.  The topic this month is Interpreting Regression Coefficients: A Walk Through Output.

Always free, but you have to register…

This month we’ll be doing two things differently–we’re trying out a new webinar system, adding visuals; and we’re going over the actual output of one of my current clients.

It’s a great example, because it contains lots of fun, but confusing terms, two dummy-coded categorical predictors, a centered predictor, and a few interactions.  And technically, the analysis was an ANCOVA, but she needed to be able to interpret the regression parameters to understand the results.

Interpreting the coefficients is one of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received in 10 years of consulting, even among clients who’ve taken regression classes.  It’s just not the same when the output is in front of you.

The other bonus is you’ll get a glimse of what we’ll be doing in much deeper detail in my upcoming 4 week workshop on Interpreting Regression Coefficients.

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