Results Section Review

Go into your defense, presentation, or journal submission with confidence that your results section is statistically sound and well written.

Are you about to defend your dissertation? Submit a paper to a journal? Present a paper?

Would you like advance warning of the objections your committee or reviewers may have to the way your conducted analyses or interpreted your results?

Just imagine being able to make changes before submission–how much faster and smoother the review process will go. Or, if you have done all your analysis correctly, knowing that will help you defend what you’ve done.

And often it’s not the actual analyses that need refining, but the way you’ve explained or interpreted them.

If you’ve ever submitted a paper, you know that the process can take a long time–months. Every duck you have in a row ahead of time will only make the whole process a lot faster. And a lot less nerve-wracking.

Or perhaps you’ve already gotten reviews back, and the reviewer objected to your analysis. You’re not sure they’re correct, and would like an authoritative opinion.

Get an Expert Statistical Opinion

A Results Section Review will give you an expert opinion on your data analyses–what you did right, what needs redoing, and what you can honestly conclude. The following areas are reviewed:

1. Are the analyses appropriate for the research questions, the design, and the types of variables in the data set?

2. Are there any egregious data or analysis issues that you (or a reviewer or committee member) overlooked?

3. Have you communicated the analyses you did well enough that a reader can understand it and recognize why it is appropriate? Have you used the right statistical terms in the right places?

4. While not technically included, if we see any grammatical or writing no-nos, we’ll point them out. We’ve read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style many times, and we’re firm believers.

How It Works

Step 1: Using the button below and our secure shopping cart, pay for the review service.

Step 2: Download and fill out the Results Section Review Questionnaire.

Step 3: Email the document to be reviewed and the questionnaire to The Analysis Factor. Specific instructions are on the Questionnaire.

Step 4: Once your consultant has received everything above, and before beginning the review, she or he will set up a meeting to ask any clarifying questions.

Step 5: Your consultant will review the document using Microsoft Word’s Review feature, so she or he can add comments or make changes that you can see directly.

Within a week, your consultant will send the reviewed manuscript back to you. (We can often do it sooner, but can’t guarantee it. If you do need it sooner, ask about availability).

Step 6: After you’ve had a chance to read over the comments, you and your consultant will have a phone or internet meeting to go over any questions you have.

There are no time limits on this program. Your consultant will take whatever time is necessary to understand your study, complete the review, and make sure you understand the most appropriate analyses.

Pricing: $245 for a single study with a results section up to 20 double-spaced, APA format, pages. If your manuscript contains multiple studies or is particularly long, just contact us for a quote.

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