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“It is so reassuring as a member to know that you have an expert to turn to when you have a question.”
Lara Zwarun, Statistically Speaking member



You could spend hours struggling to find answers on your own by scouring the Internet…

Or you could try getting (possibly misleading) advice from colleagues who are just as lost as you are (or who act like they have it all figured out, and see your question as a sign of your incompetence)…

If you’re lucky, your institution has a statistical consultant you can ask (if you can understand their answer)…

Or maybe you give up and dig into your pockets to hire a consultant for an answer that would take them all of five minutes to answer…

Or you could just “go it alone” and hope for the best…

Now imagine that instead of the struggle, you could spend a few minutes posting a message in a supportive, discreet membership group… and within a day you receive direct, specific feedback from statisticians who LIVE this stuff and know exactly what to recommend.

How much time, money, and stress would that save you?

On second thought… don’t answer that. Instead, keep reading!

What is Statistically Speaking?

Statistically Speaking is the Internet’s #1 community where researchers like you can get practical, relevant answers to all your statistical questions and grow in your statistical literacy with the support of professional statisticians.

Led by Karen Grace-Martin, Statistically Speaking empowers you to FINALLY understand statistics in a way that makes YOU a better researcher.


“I found it very useful to have someone to talk to about the problems I was trying to figure out, in an informal kind of setting. Not sure what I’d have done without it!”
— Paul Grayson, Statistically Speaking member



Hi, I’m Karen Grace-Martin, your statistics mentor.

As president and founder of The Analysis Factor, I’ve been supporting researchers like you through their statistical planning, analysis, and interpretation since 1997.

With master’s degrees in both applied statistics and social psychology, I’ve been honored to work with everyone from undergrad honors students to Ivy League professors, and from non-profit evaluators to corporate data analysts.

After seeing so many smart people get nervous, uncertain, and downright phobic about analyzing their data, I made it my mission to remove the barrier between research and statistical analysis.

I want to banish the “stats speak” that makes eyes glaze over, and instead explain statistical terminology in plain English.

My goal is to help you improve your statistical literacy so you can bring your important research results into the light with confidence.


“Karen has a talent of giving explanations that make tricky concepts very clear.”
— Kim Bennett, Statistically Speaking member


What’s in Statistically Speaking?

Monthly Training Webinars

Statistically Speaking features an expert on a LIVE webinar every month to bring you the most valuable topics and information in statistics and data analysis. Forget the jargon, though — each and every presentation is conversational, informal, and in language non-statisticians can understand.

We pride ourselves on presenting topics that are applicable to a wide range of research areas and statistical methodologies, and that will help YOU make the right decisions as you analyze your data.

Past topics include:

  • Communicating Statistical Results to Non-Statisticians with Kim Love, PhD
  • Dealing Effectively with Small Sample Sizes with Audrey Schnell, PhD
  • Communicating Statistical Results: When to Use Tables vs. Graphs to Tell the Data’s Story with Isabella Ghement, PhD

Each month you’re a member, you can attend the featured webinar LIVE. Of course, the session is recorded and available to stream on demand as long as you’re a member.

Plus, all members get immediate access to our complete library of over FOUR DOZEN past topic webinars.


“Great topics and handouts — the material is accessible even if you can’t make it to the webinar.”
— Statistically Speaking member


Weekly Live Q&A Webinars

Every week, members have access to a LIVE Q&A webinar where you can get the benefit of expert insight into your specific statistical challenges, questions, and issues — in a private, supportive environment.

We know it can be hard to ask statistical questions. It seems like you’re either greeted with a blank stare (“I have no idea what you’re talking about…”) or a superior smirk (“You don’t know THAT?!”).

But our Statistically Speaking experts LOVE to help smart researchers like you understand the finer points of their data, and what it all means. So we encourage you to ASK AWAY!

Like our monthly training webinars, the weekly Q&A sessions are available live, or as a streamed recording, on-demand as long as you remain a member.


“The Q&A sessions are a real bonus. An opportunity to clarify what to do in different circumstances.”
— Lynda Bavin, Statistically Speaking member


Statistically Speaking Community

Got a burning question that just can’t wait for the Q&A call? Never fear, the private forum is at your fingertips.

Ask any question related to your research, data analysis, or statistics, with the complete confidence that your posts won’t show up in Google searches or forwarded in an email chain around your department.

This is a PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL community where you can ask anything about statistics, without fear! (You can even cloak your identity to remain 100% anonymous, if you so choose.)


“I especially like the forum that enables asking specific questions.”

— Statistically Speaking member


Meet Your Team

In addition to Karen Grace-Martin, you’ll receive support from:


Audrey Schnell, PhD

Audrey first realized her love for research and, in particular, data analysis when she made a career move from clinical psychology to dementia research. She has particular expertise in biostatistics, including inter-rater reliability, case control studies, and linear models, and uses SAS and SPSS.
Mentoring researchers in Statistically Speaking brings together Audrey’s two passions: conducting research and helping people.


Jeff Meyer, MPA, MBA

For Jeff Meyer, being an effective stats mentor takes more than just a knowledgeable and logical approach to analyzing data. You have to also enjoy working with people – and most importantly, care about their success.

Jeff is the go-to resource for Statistically Speaking members working with Stata’s multiple imputation model for missing data. He’s also well-versed in confidence intervals and effect sizes. Jeff’s main areas of focus include multivariate, logistic, mixed models, truncated, censored, Poisson, and negative binomial regression.


Paige Chant

Paige Chant, our program manager for Statistically Speaking, supports our members every step of the way. She works behind-the-scenes to manage program logistics and coordinate outreach to members.

Whatever you need, Paige is only a click or a call away.


What Other Options Do You Have?

If you were to hire a statistical consultant to analyze your data, it could run you thousands of dollars. And next time around, you’d be in the same situation — with a pile of results and no idea what it means.

You could ask a colleague — if there is one who can help! Or try to piece together an answer from an informal online group… but sometimes you don’t get the answer, and sometimes you get multiple answers — all of which conflict with each other.

If you were to try to figure it all out on your own, the time investment and your lack of confidence in your results might prevent you from making the progress toward publication you want and need.

So what’s left?

Statistically Speaking… designed for you — the researcher without a statistical consulting budget or a degree in statistics.

We empower smart researchers like you in your professional development, giving you the statistical skills and confidence you need — without the huge price tag.

By offering this support in a group environment, we can reduce the cost and increase the accessibility.

Ready to join Statistically Speaking?

We’re confident that you’re going to love Statistically Speaking.

As with all our programs, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you participate fully and find you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days of membership – we’ll issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Of course, you can cancel your membership at any time.


3 Reasons to Join Statistically Speaking Right Now:


Get real-time commentary, suggestions, and support on your pressing statistical issues and data analysis questions.

Post in our forum and typically, you’ll receive a response to your question within one business day. Or attend our weekly Q&A calls and ask any stats-related question — about the expert webinar, about your research, or about something you never understood and finally want to clarify. The responses you receive from our experts is based on solid experience you can trust.

When you join Statistically Speaking, you’ll get on-demand expert advice when you need it — in a confidential, supportive environment.


Research can be a lonely process at times… If you so desire, you can tap into the vast wealth of expertise and knowledge of researchers from around the globe.

You can take advantage of this unique community and share your statistical insights, provide references to your published papers for others, and network with serious researchers as you desire.


“I really love your Statistically Speaking forum — I got a lot of useful answers there.”
— Statistically Speaking member


Our goal is not to just tell you what your data means, but to empower you for the future.

We want you to be the best researcher you can be — and that means knowing what’s happening in the world of statistics so you can set up your study in an optimal manner, knowing when to use different types of tests, and how to understand the results you get.

Our experts pride ourselves in understanding what you already understand so we can take you by the hand and help you grow in your professional development.



These are the 3 most common problems that I hear from researchers in regard to their data analysis:


There’s no one to ask within your institution…

Or the people who are there make it very difficult to admit you aren’t 100 percent sure about analyzing your data…

Or you ask multiple people and get conflicting results.

You want to get this right, but asking that one colleague comes with a high price tag, so you’d rather figure out a way that doesn’t involve going to the Know-It-All.


If you’re working on your dissertation, or you’re coming back to quantitative research after some time away, it can be difficult to translate classes in statistics into real-world data analysis… or to get caught up in the “new” trends that you’re expected to have mastered.


Either you have to puzzle all this out on your own, or hire a consultant to take the whole thing off your hands. But if you pass off your analysis to someone else, you never learn, so the next time you need to interpret — or defend — your results, you’re in the same boat. So you’re left having to choose “all or nothing,” and neither one feels quite right.

Want to know how to banish these three obstacles?

You got it… Statistically Speaking!


“Just wanted to thank you for your help in the webinar last month. I had some questions about mean reversion — I seemed to understand it less the more I thought about it. Anyway, we talked it through in the webinar, and it greatly helped my understanding of the topic.”
— Paul Grayson, Statistically Speaking member


What Statistically Speaking Is:

  • Ongoing professional development. On a monthly basis, you’ll get introduced to new concepts and topics in an approachable, conversational manner. We’ll help you understand your own data better!
  • A supportive community. No jargon or complex “stats speak.” Just straight talk about your statistical issues and data analysis in a FRIENDLY environment.
  • A safe place to ask questions. We keep the trolls at bay so you can feel 100% comfortable asking your questions and getting the support you need in a confidential manner.
  • Low-cost. Memberships start at just $41 per month (for an annual membership), and you can cancel at any time (student rates available — see below!).
  • Packed with value. Just the monthly webinar and weekly Q&A calls are worth 10X the cost of one month’s membership… but you also get added benefits like discounts, a community, and more.


“If you are no longer in school, do not work full time in research, but you must implement tools that come from the researchers, [Statistically Speaking] keeps you up to date with methodologies… I have even been able to take ideas/techniques picked up through [the membership site] that are generally not used in my field and apply them to solve problems.”
— Martin Watts, Statistically Speaking member

What’s Included In Your Membership:

Monthly Webinar – Value $47/mo

*available live and as on-demand streaming as long as you’re a member

Weekly Q&A Calls – Value $100/mo

*available live and as on-demand streaming as long as you’re a member

Member Forum – Value $30/mo

10% Discounts on Workshops from The Analysis Factor – Value $20-$70 each workshop

BONUS! Searchable Curated Statistics Resource Library – Value $50

**Plus: Replay access to all four dozen-plus past webinars and Q&A calls – Value $2000

Your Cost:

$47/month or $497/annual (billed annually)

*Student Discount: Got a current student ID and a tight budget? We’ve been there! Contact us for a special student discount of almost 40%.
*Contact us for a group discount for 3 or more enrollees from the same institution.


“I really liked Audrey’s presentation today. My professors always threw caveats into their lectures and said that statistics was more about thinking than math. She demonstrated that today, and I was very happy with the discussion… [It] makes the process much less mechanical, and more about real problem solving and thought.”
— Jane Yank, Statistically Speaking member


To really understand the incredible amount of valuable information in Statistically Speaking and the direct benefits it will have on your statistical understanding, we suggest you check it out for yourself.

Try one month of Statistically Speaking for just $47!



Monthly Annual
Investment $47/month $497/year
Monthly Training Webinar
Weekly Q&As
Member Forum
Searchable Resource Library
Exclusive Discounts on Workshops
Immediate Access to Recordings of All Past Webinars
Enroll Enroll


What happens when I join Statistically Speaking?

When you click on one of the “Enroll” buttons in the table above, you’ll be taken to a quick order form. Just fill in your contact information and payment information. You’ll receive an email soon afterward with your log-in for the member site. That’s all there is to it.

Great! I’m ready to register.

Am I locked into a contract?

Not as a monthly member. Your commitment is $47/month, billed automatically, and you can cancel at any time. In fact, try us for 30 days. If you’re not delighted, we’ll refund your full payment — no questions asked!

After that 30-day period, cancel at any time. You’ll still be able to access everything until your current month is expired.

If you join as an annual member, you get a significant discount. Once you register, you have 30 days to cancel for a full refund.

Great! I’m ready to register.

Bottom line: What do I get when I sign up?

Just the facts… here’s what you get up when you sign up today:

  • LIVE monthly training webinars taught by expert statisticians
  • Weekly live Q&A calls where you can ask ANY stats-related question
  • FREE access to the Statistically Speaking private forum
  • Special discounts on workshops and more at The Analysis Factor
  • BONUS! You’ll save hours of research with access to our carefully curated library of over 100 scholarly articles on statistical methodology, ready for you to cite as expert sources.

Plus, you’ll receive on-demand replay access to over four dozen past expert webinars, like:

▼Show Past Webinar Topics

Great! I’m ready to register.

How is Statistically Speaking different from other options?

In short, by joining Statistically Speaking, you have a team of experts on call to educate you and help you analyze YOUR research data. No guessing, no dealing with conflicting answers, no worries about risking your reputation… just solid, direct, understandable answers when you need them — at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own consultant.

Great! I’m ready to register.

When are the webinars and Q&A sessions? What if I can’t attend live?

The webinars are typically held on Wednesdays in the afternoon Eastern time. Q&A sessions are held at a variety of times to address the varying locations and time zones of our members.

We always record each month’s training webinar and Q&A sessions — that way, even if you have to miss a live session, you never miss out on any content or resources. Recordings are typically posted within 24 hours after a live session, accessible from the Statistically Speaking membership site.

Great! I’m ready to register.

Do I get access to past webinars and Q&A sessions?

All members — both monthly members and annual members — have streaming, on-demand replay access to ALL past monthly webinars and Q&A sessions. However, once you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access any Statistically Speaking content.

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I’m a student on a tight budget — do you have a discount?

We’ve been there! We love students and want to support you. Current students (with a valid ID) can join Statistically Speaking at the monthly level for only $29/month — almost 40% off the regular rate. Email us for more details.

Great! I’m ready to register.

I think I can get a few others in my department to join — do you have a group discount?

Yes! Groups of 3 or more people from the same organization can receive a discount of 15% on your annual membership. Contact us for more information.

Great! I’m ready to register.

Got other questions? Contact us now!

Don’t forget — you can try out Statistically Speaking RISK FREE for 30 days!
Just register by clicking the button below, and check out all your membership has to offer.
If you’re not fully satisfied, just notify us within 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.


If you’re dedicated to building your statistical understanding and want to do so in a confidential, supportive environment, then Statistically Speaking may be just what you’re looking for.

We’re looking forward to supporting you!

Happy analyzing,

Karen Grace-Martin