SAS User Group (SUGI) Proceedings

by Karen Grace-Martin


One of my favorite resources when I get stuck on a statistical detail is SUGI Proceedings papers. These are pdf papers written by and for SAS users, often with solutions to very specific analysis issues.

They cover all levels of mathematical detail and all sorts of topics.  While they are, of course, about SAS, they often cover the statistical issues, so are useful even to non-SAS users.

For example, one that I used recently is: Analysis of Count Data using the SAS System.

You can get all the papers at the renamed SAS Global Forum. You can browse titles or search for a specific topic.

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Arthur Tabachneck June 18, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I just started a new free service to help link SAS professionals with companies and recruiters.

Rather taking up bandwidth describing the effort, please take a look at the article recently published by AllAnalytics ( )

While I’m promoting a company, it isn’t selling anything to SAS users and, to the contrary, I think will be greatly appreciated by the SAS community once they know about.

I would appreciate it if you would be willing publicize the effort to the SAS users who attend your meetings and/or read your newsletter.



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