Survey Results: Upcoming Statistical Workshop and Program Offerings

by Karen Grace-Martin


Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey last week about which workshops you’d like for Winter/Spring 2010. It was very helpful. I wanted to lay out the results here, rather than in an email, so that you could continue to give me your feedback in the comments.


There was a lot of interest in all the workshop topics, but the clear winner was “Interpreting Regression Coefficients: Dummy Coding, Interactions, Centering.” 69% of respondents replied “Yes, definitely interested”  and it had the most votes for the information needed most urgently.

So we’ll schedule that one to begin in January.  If you find you need the information right now, we do have available the transcripts from the last time we offered the workshop, in ebook form.  They’re edited to read nicely and each section begins with the corresponding presentation slide, so you have the visuals.  It’s not the same as being part of a workshop, but not everyone needs or can attend a workshop, and they are available right now.

A close second was “Dealing with Multicollinearity” with 62% intense interest, followed by Logistic Regression and Missing Data, with 58% and 51%, respectively. I do hope to offer all of these over the next year, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements. In the meantime, our next webinar is on defining and diagnosing Multicollinearity. We can’t fit solutions into an hour  in a useful way, but there is a lot of misinformation about diagnosis out there, so this will get you started.

Mixed Models for Repeated Measures

The most interesting part of the survey, though, were the write-in results. Two topics with multiple requests were  Structural Equation Modeling and Factor Analysis.  I hadn’t considered either one any time soon, but I will start thinking about them.

Even more people were interested in a workshop on running repeated measures data as mixed models.  It’s a really important topic, and it’s not easy, but becoming more and more necessary.  One idea I had was to include a consulting program option along with the workshop.  In small groups (maybe < 6-8 people), we would simultaneously run a series of consulting sessions, where we go over your model–how to run it and what it means.  It would cost much less than individual consulting, but give more support and guidance than a workshop.

One nice thing about small groups is you get the opportunity to see many examples.  It’s the best way to really understand modeling.

Then it struck me that I could do this with any of the workshops.

So leave a comment to tell me:

1. Which of these, or other, topics do you want to see covered in the winter/spring?

2. Would you like the program option with the mixed model workshop?

3. Would you like the program option with other workshops?  If so, how should we set it up?  What features would you like in the program?

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Abdoulaye Keita

I purchased your book and began studying it. It is honestly the most thorough and clearest book for someone who wants to learn data analysis. As I read it, I could not help but think that I was really in the dark on data analysis. Thank you for suggesting it.

Right now, I just need to strengthen my knowledge of the fundamentals. So, anything you plan would add to my understanding of applied statistics.



Hi Abdoulaye,

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the kind words. I assume you mean my print book, Applied Data Analysis with SPSS. I’m really glad you find it helpful. My co-author, Steve Sweet, is a sociology professor, so he has a teaching student perspective, but I wanted to make sure that researchers could use it as a guide. I think it’s a good combination.




1. I’d like to see path modeling, SEM, and CFAs covered in the winter/spring.
2. Yes, I would like the program option with the mixed model workshop. But I’d also like to have a sense of the price-range that would be requested.
3. Yes, I would like the program option with other workshops. Not sure about the other two questions…What exactly are the possibilities?



Hi Anonymous,

1. Thanks for the input. Now path analysis is something I do a lot, so that is worth at least a Craft of Statistical Analysis webinar. And I could do CFAs too. Hmm, maybe I could fit a CFA class into a webinar. At least an overview.

2. I haven’t figured out the price range yet. I think the first time through, I will keep it relatively low, as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. But I will definitely make it very clear.

3. Hmm, not sure. It could include a certain amount of one-on-one consulting, the group analyzing each person’s model, or me demonstrating how I would do each data analysis. Is there anything else you know you’d find helpful?



1. Mixed models for repeated mesaures
2. Yes.
3. Maybe in SEM.



Thanks Mariana. I know SEM pretty well, but I haven’t used it as much as some of the other topics. So I’m rusty. But I’m thinking perhaps I will see if I can find someone to teach it.

So, everyone else, if you know of someone who teaches VERY applied SEM workshops very well, let me know.



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