The 13 Steps to Running Any Statistical Model

by Karen


All statistical modeling–whether ANOVA, Multiple Regression, Poisson Regression, Multilevel Model–is about understanding the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The content differs, but as a data analyst, you need to follow the same 13 steps to complete your modeling.

This webinar will give you an overview of these 13 steps:

  • what they are
  • why each one is important
  • the general order in which to do them
  • on which steps the different types of modeling differ and where they’re the same

Having a road map for the steps to take will make your modeling more efficient and keep you on track.

This webinar has already taken place. You can gain free access to a video recording of the webinar by completing the form below.

Statistically Speaking members can access this recording from the Analysis Toolbox Resources page at the Programs Center without signing up.


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