Statistical Project

Your statistics project done to the highest standards of quality, ethics, and service.

While we love expanding researchers’ statistical knowledge and capacity, there are times when turning your statistics over to a professional makes sense.

You DO NOT have to hire a full-time statistician or try to muddle through on your own. Instead, tap into our team of talented, experienced statisticians.

Turn your data over to us with confidence!

           What You Get:
Your Project
Most importantly, you will receive the statistical work you need, completed by one of our experts. You can focus on your research knowing our statistics team is hard at work on your project.
Project Meetings
The meetings allow you to check in on project progress and to ensure the project is headed in the direction you want. It gives consultants an opportunities to ask questions, and for you to become aware of what work is being done.
Web Meeting Recordings
Your meetings with consultants are recorded (with screenshot video) for you to download and review the explanations and progress of your project.
All Data Files and Syntax
You will receive access to everything that the consultant creates regarding your project. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about anything provided that you do not understand.
Private Basecamp Account
Basecamp is a secure, web-based location for storing files, sending messages, and keeping track of hours used. This is where you can access your meeting recordings, any programs we write, or output we create.
How It Works:

Submit an Intake Form
Tell us about your project and where specifically you need assistance. 
Get on a Phone Call
We will review your information and get in touch to set up an initial phone call with your consultant. There is no charge for this first call or commitment. Its purpose is for you to feel out if we are a good fit for you.
Get Started!
Once we’ve identified which consultant best suits your needs, you will pay for a time retainer to use within one year. 

All consulting is done remotely via web meeting so we can share screens, draw, write, and record the session for your later review. Other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Statistical projects are billable in 15-minute increments. Any time a consultant spends coding, creating output, or communicating with you will be billable. Keep in mind our consultants are experts - we will make sure to use any time spent on your project efficiently!

The time retainer can be charged to a credit card or PayPal with our secure shopping cart. If your grant or department requires you to pay by check or receive invoices, just contact us to get set up.

Statistical projects start at $700 for a block of 4 hours.

Your Consultants

Each member of our Statistical Project Services team is thoroughly screened to ensure the highest levels of competency, integrity, and service.

We work together and support all consultants — and clients —  with resources and professional counsel and assistance, as needed.

As part of our team, all consultants abide by the highest standards of client privacy and customer service.

Software: Stata and SPSS 

Jeff’s main focus areas are multivariate, logistic, mixed models, count models, multiple imputation models for missing data, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis using SEM, and latent class analysis.

Software: SPSS and SAS

​​​​​​​Consulting brings together Audrey'a two passions — research and helping people.She has particular expertise in biostatistics, including Inter Rater Reliability, Case control studies, and linear models. She uses SAS and SPSS.