What Happened to R squared?: Assessing Model Fit for Logistic, Multilevel, and Other Models that use Maximum Likelihood Webinar

by Karen Grace-Martin

Have you ever been dismayed to discover that there is no R-squared for models that use Maximum Likelihood estimation–multilevel models, logistic regression, among others? Instead there are a scattering of foreign-sounding statistics on your output?

This webinar will give you an overview of the fit statistics that are available for these models: what they mean, how to calculate them, how to use them, and why R squared isn’t applicable. Statistics include:

  • -2 log likelihood
  • BIC
  • Pseudo R-squared

This webinar has already taken place, but you can purchase the recording here.


What’s a The Craft of Statistical Analysis Webinar?  It’s a regular webinar series for researchers to help you hone the craft of statistical analysis.  Each webinar is about a single statistical topic that is often confusing, misunderstood, or not well known to researchers.  Check it out and pass the word along–they’re free!

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Hi Sam,

It’s not just audio. It’s a video recording. And yes, there are handouts. But it’s an overview of the concepts. I’m not sure what kind of calculations you’re looking for. There are no derivations, if that’s what you mean. The audience for this is people who have to understand their output, not derive the statistics.






Could you pls confirm that this audio will be followed by some slides as well? or we will just listen the voice of expert and nothing else? no calculations????



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