The Craft of Statistical Analysis Training Webinars

The Analysis Factor’s training webinars provide you with practical information to take the frustration out of statistical analysis. Each training will cover topics with real issues that researchers face in data analysis. These events are always free and hosted by Karen Grace-Martin, a professional statistical consultant, who will be available to answer your questions.


Random Intercept and Random Slope Models

Most scientific fields now recognize the extraordinary usefulness of mixed models, but they’re a tough nut to crack for someone who didn’t receive training in their methodology.

But it turns out that mixed models are actually an extension of linear models. If you have a good foundation in linear models, the extension to mixed models is more of a step than a leap. (Okay, a large step, but still).

This webinar will outline and demonstrate one of the core concepts of mixed modeling—the random intercept and the random slope. You’ll learn what they mean, what they do, and how to decide if one or both are needed. It’s the first step in understanding mixed modeling.

This webinar has already taken place. You can request the recording free by completing the form below.


Here's what participants said about the webinar:

"Thank you. I was also impressed with the way of explaining and the selection of example chosen to explain the theory."

- Joanna Konieczna-Salamatin

"Teriffic job! I learned a lot. Thanks. Way to reduce a challenging topic to managable bite-size pieces. The graphical representations of the models helped me understand the random slope and random intercept terminology in a way I never got before."

- Rob Baer

"I found it a great example and clear explanation, an hour is much better spent watching this than reading through a text book as an intro to this form of modeling."

- Matt Cooper

"It was my first webinar and I was apprehensive with my lack of experience with the tecnology but it was really easy, user friendly, and definitely an experience to be repeated! Thank you!"

- Vanda Roque

" Just terrific. Clear, at the right level for me, extremely helpful."

- Amy D'Andrade

"The seminar was well presented. The speaking was clear and easily undersood. The presentation was paced well. I found many of the questions and answers at the end to be *very* useful."

- Andrew McLachlan