Collaborate with Us

Collaborate with Us

The Analysis Factor loves partnering with statistical consultants and instructors. If you’re great at explaining statistics in intuitive, non-technical ways, we’d love to hear from you.We may have opportunities to teach workshops or serve as a mentor in our Statistically Speaking community. The best first step, though, is as a guest instructor in our Statistically Speaking program.

Guest Instructors

Statistically Speaking is a unique online membership community that provides statisticians, researchers, & data analysts with ongoing professional development and mentoring in statistical practice.

Our members are smart, engaged, and ask many good questions. In many fields of quantitative research, they have varying amounts of statistical background. They are looking for practical understanding of statistical concepts and clear instructions on what to do, and why, when they’re analyzing data.

We welcome guest instructors for the keystone of this program: Stat’s Amore Trainings. These monthly trainings are friendly, approachable, engaging, and practical. You must be great at explaining technical statistical information in non-technical ways to show researchers and data analysts best practices for analyzing data.

You provide:

We provide:

A live, 90-minute webinar training on a software-agnostic applied stats concept.

A host for your presentation (so you’re never running things solo)

Training title & short description

A GoToWebinar account, including a practice session, feedback, & support

A set of PowerPoint slides for your presentation

Websites for participant registration & information

A fast, reliable, & wired Internet connection

Project management, from planning through completion

A wired USB headset with microphone

Customer support

A telephone line for backup

An engaged audience of statisticians, researchers, & data analysts

Exposure to our 500+ membership base, including a link to your website, book, or LinkedIn profile


Interested? Let us know!