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Member Training: Centering

November 30, 2022 • TAF Support

Centering variables is common practice in some areas, and rarely seen in others. That being the case, it isn’t always clear what are the reasons for centering variables. Is it only a matter of preference, or does centering variables help with analysis and interpretation? Read More

Confusing Statistical Term #13: Missing at Random and Missing Completely at Random

November 22, 2022 • Karen Grace-Martin

One of the important issues with missing data is the missing data mechanism. It's important because it affects how much the missing data bias your results, so you have to take it into account when choosing an approach to deal with the missing data. The concepts of these mechanisms can be a bit abstract. And to top it off, two of these mechanisms have confusing names: Missing Completely at Random and Missing at Random. Read More

What is a Completely Randomized Design?

November 8, 2022 • Kim Love

The most basic experimental design is the completely randomized design. It is simple and straightforward when plenty of unrelated subjects are available for an experiment. It’s so simple, it almost seems obvious. But there are important principles in this simple design that are important for tackling more complex experimental designs. Let’s take a look. How […] Read More