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Member Training: Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling

June 1, 2024 • guest contributer

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a popular method to test hypothetical relationships between constructs in the social sciences. These constructs may be unobserved (a.k.a., “latent”) or observed (a.k.a., “manifest”). In this webinar, guest instructor Manolo Romero Escobar will describe the different types of SEM: confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis for manifest and latent variables, and latent growth modeling (i.e., the application of SEM on longitudinal data). Read More

An Introduction to Repeated Measures Designs

May 23, 2024 • Kim Love

There are many designs that could be considered Repeated Measures design, and they all have one key feature: you measure the outcome variable for each subject on several occasions, treatments, or locations. Understanding this design is important for avoiding analysis mistakes. For example, you can’t treat multiple observations on the same subject as independent observations. […] Read More

Getting Started with Stata Tutorial #5: The Stata Do-File

May 4, 2024 • guest contributer

From our first Getting Started with Stata posts, you should be comfortable navigating the windows and menus of Stata. We can now get into  programming in Stata with a do-file. Why Do-Files? A do-file is a Stata file that provides a list of commands to run. You can run an entire do-file at once, or […] Read More

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