Stats Skill-Building Compass

Stat Skill-Building Compass: Find Your Starting Point
This tool is designed to help you get clarity about how to focus your efforts in improving your statistical skills. Take 15 minutes to fill out this strategy worksheet and get clarity about where you are and the direction you should head in your statistical journey.

Move ahead with purpose, precision, and confidence. Don’t get stuck in indecision or overwhelm! There are no right answers, but you’ll get better answers if you to take time to think about them.

What’s happening now

Your Statistical Background

Your Goals

What statistical skills or knowledge would you like to acquire? Be expansive here, and include everything you’d like to learn in the next..

Rate Your Skills

Below is a list of foundational statistical topics and data analysis skills. Please rate your current comfort with the topic on a scale from 1= none to 10=do it in my sleep.

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