Books – SPSS

Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh: Analyzing and Understanding Data (5th Edition)
by Samuel Green & Neil Salkind

This is my favorite “How to use SPSS” book.  Each chapter covers a single statistical analysis.  There is a brief overview of each statistical method, but it is not enough information if you’ve never done it before.

Data Analysis with SPSS (3rd Edition)
by Stephen Sweet and Karen Grace-Martin

Well, of course.  It assumes you’ve never taken or done statistics before, so is at a very basic level.  It shows how to do all analyses using SPSS, rather than by hand.  For someone either just learning or reviewing
statistics and learning SPSS.  It is aimed at sociology majors, but even my mycologist (fungus biologist) neighbor found it helpful when she needed to review statistics for a job interview.  If you’re pretty good at statistics and just want to learn SPSS, I recommend Green & Salkind.