Statistical Consulting Services: Quick Question

Want some 1-on-1 time with one of our consultants?

The Analysis Factor website is full of information about statistics and doing data analyses. But sometimes you need to ask questions. If what you really want is some 1-on-1 time, we offer access to Quick Question Consultations with our staff consultants.

What You Get

A single meeting, 60-minute or less, in which you can ask your most pressing statistical questions.

Quick Question Consultations are web meetings.

The meeting allows you and your consultant to view one of your computer screens. We can switch whose screen is visible and even draw on or take control of the mouse on each other’s screens. Cameras can be on or off, as you wish, but phone calls don’t work.

Web Meeting Recordings: These meetings are recorded for you to download and review as many times as you like. And yes, only you will ever see it.

How It Works

Step 1: Pay for the meeting using the payment button below.

Step 2: After your payment, you will be taken to a short, online form where you’ll tell us about your project. Please fill it out and submit it.

Step 3: After submitting the form, you will receive an email within 2 business days with instructions for scheduling an appointment with a consultant.

That’s it! Let’s get analyzing.

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Please use our contact form to request the cancellation of a scheduled Quick Question Consultation.