Statistical Consulting Services: Results Section Review

Results Section Review

Submit your paper with confidence that your results section is statistically sound and well written.

Perfect if:

  • You’re about to submit a paper to a journal and want to minimize the chance it will get rejected on statistical grounds
  • You’ve gotten a rejection from reviewers on statistical grounds and don’t understand why
  • You’re about to turn in your thesis and you’d like to make sure that you’ve explained your results correctly

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to get your paper accepted the first time? There is nothing more disheartening than being told you did your analysis wrong after submitting it for publication.

Especially if you actually did the analysis well, but the reviewer wasn’t sure what you did because your results section wasn’t well written.

At The Analysis Factor, we know that writing up your results is a whole skill in itself. And if you’re writing results from an analysis you’re not all that familiar with, it’s even harder to get it all right.

What You Get:

A Results Section Review will give you an expert opinion on your data analyses–what you did right, what needs redoing, and what you can honestly conclude. The following areas are reviewed:

Appropriate Analysis

Are the analyses appropriate for the research questions, the design, and the types of variables in the data set?


Are there any egregious data or analysis issues that you (or a reviewer or committee member) overlooked?

Clear Results

Did you describe the analyses and results well so that a reader understands it and knows why it is appropriate?

Correct Terms

 Have you used the appropriate statistical terminology in the right places? Is the level of detail appropriate?

While not technically included, if we see any grammatical or writing no-nos, we’ll point them out. We’ve read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style many times, and we’re firm believers.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for a Results Section Review
  2. Tell us about your research and where specifically you have concerns. Send it to us along with your paper. If you’ve got a journal review already, send it along.

  3. Get on a Web Meeting
  4. Once your consultant has received everything above, and before beginning the review, they will set up a meeting to ask any clarifying questions.

  5. Get Reviewed!
  6. Your consultant will review the document using Microsoft Word’s Review feature. They will add comments or make changes that you can see directly.

    Within a week, your consultant will send the reviewed manuscript back to you. (We can often do it sooner, but can’t guarantee it. If you do need it sooner, ask about availability).

    It does not include formatting; for example it does not include checking APA format.

  7. Get Answers to any Questions at a Final Web Meeting
  8. After you’ve had a chance to read over the comments, you and your consultant will have a Zoom meeting to go over any questions you have.

“I owe you a long delayed Thank You for your help with my dissertation last spring. The dissertation defense was a success and I rocked all of the stats questions.”

— Alexis Conason, Psy.D.

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Results section reviews are a fixed price service.

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