Our Privacy Policy

Client Privacy

The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance.  As a matter of standard procedure, we do not discuss clients’ names with others.  We treat all communications with our clients as confidential and will not share those communications with anyone.  We will never sell your information or provide any information about you, including your email address, to a third party.

Occasionally, prospective clients ask for references as a condition of retaining our service. Clients are not used as a source of reference without their prior approval.

Data Confidentiality

We agree to keep all data and documents associated with your project confidential.  We will not share the materials to which we have access, or the ideas, opinions and information they contain, with any other person outside our staff unless we have express permission from the client to do so.  As part of this agreement, we will not independently publish data or analyses stemming from this work without the involvement and/or permission of the client.  We agree to return all data and files associated with this project upon the request of the client, and to ensure that no files remain on our system after that time.