Statistical Consulting Services

Do you find yourself in one of these situations?

  • You have a statistical question and you’re stuck. You checked Google and the library, but what you find doesn’t fit your situation or is so theoretical, you can’t understand it.
  • You need to respond to a reviewer or committee member who raises a statistical issue. You thought you did the right analysis, but now you’re not sure.
  • You have to use an unfamiliar statistical method for the first time and you don’t know where to start. You don’t want to hand it over to a statistician because you have to understand and defend your analyses.
  • You are not sure which is the right statistical method for your data. You don’t want to waste weeks or months pursuing the wrong approach, floundering, and asking colleagues is embarrassing.
  • You’ve been given advice by a statistician, but didn’t understand it, and she couldn’t explain it in a way you understand.  Now you don’t know how to do it.

If so, one of our statistical consulting programs could be just what you need to move your research forward with more confidence and less frustration. You might even find statistics can be fun.

What our clients say:

“Karen’s help allowed me to analyze my data with the confidence that I had worked through all possible choices for analysis and that I had the right one. It was such a relief!With Karen’s guidance, I learned how to apply mixed models and logistic regression analyses to my data and get meaningful results.”

Robin Hadlock Seeley, Ph.D Shoals Marine Laboratory Cornell University

“Karen made fast work of the multi-level models I needed to analyze my data, and then really ‘met me where I was’ in terms of my understanding. She spoke my language as a researcher, and helped me translate raw output into interpretations. This will be one of the easiest results sections I’ve written, thanks to Karen’s help. What’s more, she provided explanations and actual SPSS code that I’ll be able to use on my own, going forward. This was much more productive (and less time and money-intensive) for me than a week-long HLM workshop would have been.”

Suzanne T. Gurland, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology Middlebury College

“I owe you a long delayed Thank You for your help with my dissertation last Spring. The dissertation defense was a success and I rocked all of the stats questions. By the end of the defense, the committee members were asking me to teach them about Mixed Models Repeated Measures ANOVA because they were genuinely interested in learning about these techniques! Since graduation, I took a post-doc research position at the hospital where I did the research for my dissertation. I think that I was partially offered this position because my supervisor was so impressed with my newfound statistics knowledge!”

Alexis Conason, Psy.D.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help last week.  Your explanation was all clear to me. After I had a session with you, I emailed my supervisor…and today she finally responded and said my analysis is good! For this particular section I had been struggling for over 2 months and had seen 6 other stats related people before you and you FINALLY solved my problem!! I am extremely happy, THANK YOU once again.  Now I can confidently present this at the conference which is at the end of this month.”

Yuka, PhD Student

How Consulting Works

All consulting is conducted using web-based meetings so we can serve clients anywhere in the world. These meetings allow us to share screens, give control back and forth, draw or write, while talking over the phone or computer microphones. This means your consultant can show you how to do something on your computer or can see your results, even if you’re a continent away.

If the web meeting option doesn’t work for you for some reason, we can also consult over the phone, Skype, or email. Ever found it all makes sense when you’re talking with the expert, but can’t remember exactly what you’re supposed to do once you’re alone with your data?

Web Meeting consultations are recorded and you will receive the screen capture video recording within 24 hours. Listen or watch again and again until you get it. If ever we can’t answer a question on the spot, we will either find the answer or refer you to someone who can. We believe in making consulting as affordable to everyone as we can. Students and employees of academic and non-profit charitable organizations receive discounts on consulting services.

Statistical Consulting Programs

  • Quick Question Consulting: Never be stuck again. Book a single consulting session when you need a boost getting to the next step. Learn more
  • Hourly Consulting: Get all the help you need.  Book a series of sessions at a discount if you need more guidance. Learn more
  • Results Section Review: A thorough review of the results section of your paper or dissertation so you have the confidence that your analyses, interpretations, and the terminology are correct. Learn more
  • Statistical Projects: When you don’t need or want guidance, you want outsourcing. Your statistical project will be done with the utmost efficiency and accuracy by one of our partner organizations. Learn more

If you find yourself with an ongoing need to have relatively short questions about doing statistics answered, you should consider joining our membership program, Statistically Speaking.