About Clark Kogan, PhD

Dr. Kogan is an experienced statistical scientist and owner of StatsCraft LLC, holding a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Montana. He currently serves as an adjunct faculty at Washington State University. His consulting specialties include Bayesian models, generalized linear mixed models, research design, and R programming, with a proven track record in various research contexts.

Before establishing StatsCraft, Dr. Kogan held several significant roles, including Associate Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Statistical Education and Research at Washington State University and Data Scientist at Trove Predictive Data Science. In these roles, he collaborated with researchers in applying statistics to real-world problems, mentored graduate students, and taught statistics courses to diverse cohorts. These experiences have honed his ability to provide invaluable insights in statistics applications across multiple fields.

As a consultant, Dr. Kogan values a balance between insights derived from data and expert knowledge that emerges from collaborative discussions surrounding the data. His work is motivated by the challenge of identifying and focusing on the most impactful strategies to advance research objectives. Driven by these experiences, Dr. Kogan remains committed to guiding every project towards meaningful and impactful outcomes.