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Tentative Workshop Outline

Module 1: The Kaplan-Meier Curve
     Constructing a Kaplan-Meier Curve
     Censoring and Its Assumptions
     Log Rank Test for Subgroup Comparisons

Module 2: The Hazard Function and the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
     Definition of a Hazard Function
     Constant Hazard vs Increasing or Decreasing Hazard
     Steps to Run Cox Regression Models and Interpret Model Coefficients

Module 3: Planning and Data Management Issues
     Data Set Up for Survival Analysis
     Compute and Compare Power 
     Problems with Date Variables

Module 4: Cox Model: Model Fitting and Diagnostics for the Cox Model
     Multiple Predictor Variables
     Risk Adjustment
     Proportional Hazards

Module 5: Extension of the Cox Model
     Interval Censoring
     Stratified Models

Module 6: Parametric Models
     Comparing Hazard Functions for Popular Distributions
     Interpreting Coefficients
     Understanding Advantages and Disadvantages

Module 7: Time-Varying Covariates in a Cox Model
     How to Code Data for Time-Varying Covariates
     Fit Time-Varying Models
     Interpreting the Results

Module 8: Frailty Models
     Multiple Events per Patient
     How to Define Random Effects
     How to Fit and Interpret the Models
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Dates and Times:

Live Workshop: Tuesdays from 12 Noon - 2pm (EST)

Module 1 – September 11

Module 2 – September 18

Module 3 – September 25 

Module 4 – October 2

------------------------- Break Week --------------------------

Module 5 – October 16

Module 6 – October 23

Module 7 – October 30

​Module 8 – November 6


​​​​​​Q&A Sessions: Mondays from 12 Noon - 1pm (EST)

Module 1 – September 17

Module 2 – September 24

Module 3 – October 1

------------------------- Break Week --------------------------

Module 4 – October 15

Module 5 – October 22

Module 6 – October 29

Module 7 – November 5

------------------------- Break Week --------------------------

Module 8 – November 19

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Software and Resources
This workshop will provide resources for the following software:

Included for each software:
Exercises and solutions
Data sets
 Syntax and Demo Videos
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Your Instructor

Steve Simon works as an independent statistical consultant and as a part-time faculty member in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

Steve has over 90 peer-reviewed publications, four of which have won major awards. He has written one book, Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials, and is the author of a major website about Statistics, Research Design, and Evidence Based Medicine, www.pmean.com. One of his current areas of interest is using Bayesian models to forecast patient accrual in clinical trials. Steve received a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Iowa in 1982.

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