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How to Get SPSS GENLINMIXED Output Without the Model Viewer

September 26th, 2014 by

I love working with my clients.

I love working with my clients for many reasons, but one of them is I learn so much from them. 

Just this week, one of my clients showed me how to get SPSS GENLINMIXED results without the Model Viewer.

She’s my new hero.

If you’ve ever used GENLINMIXED, the procedure for Generalized Linear Mixed Models, you know that the results automatically appear in this new Model Viewer.  (more…)

Specifying a Random Intercept or Random Slope Model in SPSS GENLINMIXED

September 13th, 2013 by

One of the things I love about MIXED in SPSS is that the syntax is very similar to GLM.  So anyone who is used to the GLM syntax has just a short jump to learn writing MIXED.

Which is a good thing, because many of the concepts are a big jump.

And because the MIXED dialogue menus are seriously unintuitive, I’ve concluded you’re much better off using syntax.

I was very happy a few years ago when, with version 19, SPSS finally introduced generalized linear mixed models so SPSS users could finally run logistic regression or count models on clustered data.

But then I tried it, and the menus are even less intuitive than in MIXED.

And the syntax isn’t much better.  In this case, the syntax structure is quite different than for MIXED. (more…)

Mixed Models for Logistic Regression in SPSS

February 25th, 2011 by

Can I use SPSS MIXED models for (a) ordinal logistic regression, and (b) multi-nomial logistic regression?

Every once in a while I get emailed a question that I think others will find helpful.  This is definitely one of them.

My answer:


(And by the way, this is all true in SAS as well.  I’ll include the SAS versions in parentheses). (more…)