Statistical Consulting Services
Hourly Consulting
For when you need guidance and advice for a statistical plan or analysis.

Perfect if you have:
  • A need for an advisor to help you complete, analyze, and interpret your data
  • No idea where to start with your analysis and you need an experienced mentor to show you the ropes
  • A project that is just beyond your comfort level and abilities. You'll be fine with just a bit of direction.

Statistical Project
Assistance when you want to outsource your data analysis to a statistician.

Perfect if you have:
  • A project that needs to be done in an unfamiliar software package
  • A need to use a specific, high-level difficult statistical techniques that would require months to complete yourself
  • A need for the added authority of a statistician listed on a grant proposal
  • A need for a professional statistician but do not have funding or time to hire a staff member
"It's difficult to be 'expert' at anything when you do everything."
- Author Gia Heller

At The Analysis Factor, we know you’re an expert at what you do — and that it’s impossible to be an expert at everything.

That’s why we come alongside you and offer our specific expertise in statistics, statistical software, data analysis, and data visualization when you need it most.

All our consultants meet as a group several times a week to discuss active projects, so you’re getting expert guidance from a variety of perspectives and specialties.

Our mission is to navigate you from messy data to clear insights. We are experts at understanding the challenges in your data, determining the best statistical approach to answer your research question, and communicating the results, assumptions, and nuances of the analysis so you have a clear picture of your data and your results.

Our goal is to provide professional researchers, students, and academicians with the support you need to accurately analyze your data, interpret the statistics, and understand your results.

Contact us today to see how we can help. 

 "For this particular section I had been struggling for over 2 months and had seen 6 other stats related people before you and you FINALLY solved my problem!!"

- Yuka, PhD Student
How It Works:

Submit an Intake Form
Tell us about your research and where specifically you need assistance. You can specify whether you want hourly consulting or to outsource a statistics task.
Get on a Phone Call
We will review your information and get in touch to set up an initial phone call with your consultant. There is no charge for this first call or commitment. Its purpose is for you to feel out if we are a good fit for you.
Get Started!
Once we’ve identified which consultant best suits your needs, you will pay for a time retainer to use within one year.

All consulting is done remotely via web meeting so we can share screens, draw, write, and record the session for your later review. Other arrangements can be made if necessary.
“I owe you a long delayed Thank You for your help with my dissertation last spring. The dissertation defense was a success and I rocked all of the stats questions."

- Alexis Conason, Psy.D.
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