The First Three Steps to Performing Any Statistical Model: Define and Design Webinar

The next webinar in the Craft of Statistical Analysis series is:

The First Three Steps to Performing Any Statistical Model: Define and Design

All statistical modeling–whether ANOVA, Multiple Regression, Poisson Regression, Multilevel Model–is about understanding the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The first 3 steps in modeling set up the entire rest of the analysis.

This webinar will go into more detail on these first three steps:

1. Write out research questions in theoretical and operational terms

2. Design the study or define the design

3. Choose the variables for answering research questions and determine their level of measurement

It is the way you do these three steps that determines the rest of the analysis. Doing them explicitly and doing them well can save you days of time and endless frustration.

This webinar has already taken place, but the recording of it is available in our Statistically Speaking membership program.


What’s a The Craft of Statistical Analysis Webinar?  It’s a regular webinar series for researchers to help you hone the craft of statistical analysis.  Each webinar is about a single statistical topic that is often confusing, misunderstood, or not well known to researchers.  Check it out and pass the word along–they’re free!



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