Stage 4: Advanced Models

Stage 4 is the really advanced stuff. You will very likely need to learn only a small part of the topics in this Stage. Maybe one or two of the topics, but unless you’re a statistician, you won’t need more than that.

That’s a good thing. We’ve now hit the top stage and these topics are hard.

Stage 4 is a little different than Stage 3 in that you could learn anything at Stage 3 if you’d already mastered Linear Models and had good data analysis and software skills. None of them required anything else.

But the topics in Stage 4 require knowing multiple topics in Stage 3. Sometimes they are combinations of two Stage 3 topics. Sometimes they’re just very complicated situations that require pulling in statistical theory.

Very much like Stage 3, topics at Stage 4 need to be tackled all at once–knowledge, data analysis, software.

But they also tend to be bigger topics. You may be able to learn just the beginnings of one of these topics, complete the analysis you need, and be on your way. You don’t need to master each one top-to-bottom.


 1. Statistical Knowledge: Tests and Concepts

2. Data Analysis Skills
3. Software Skills

Stage 4 Topics

Each link is a page of resources or a webinar on the topic.