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Of all the stressors you’ve got right now, accessing your statistical software from home shouldn’t be one of them. (You know, the one on your office computer).

We’ve gotten some updates from some statistical software companies on how they’re making it easier to access the software you have a license to or to extend a free trial while you’re working from home.

So we’re sending this info along in case it’s helpful. Know more? Please comment and I’ll update the info.


Your single-user license for Stata at work includes a home install. If you need help with that, please contact

Our SEM workshop instructor, Jeff Meyer, has been in contact with Stata. Stata has offered a free license to our Structural Equation Modeling workshop participants, which will expire 2 weeks after the workshop ends. If you’re taking that workshop and need help with that, please contact our support team. They can can get you the temporary license.


SPSS has extended its free trial through June 15th.


Mplus has a free demo version. No expiration date, but it limits the number of variables you can use.


SAS University Edition is free for academic, noncommercial use.


R, is of course, always open-source and free. Download it from the CRAN website.

Written on 3/30/2020.


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