Getting Started with Stata Tutorial #5: The Stata Do-File

May 4th, 2024 by

From our first Getting Started with Stata posts, you should be comfortable navigating the windows and menus of Stata. We can now get into  programming in Stata with a do-file.

Why Do-Files?

A do-file is a Stata file that provides a list of commands to run. You can run an entire do-file at once, or you can highlight and run particular lines from the file.

If you set up your do-file correctly, you can just click “run” after opening it. The do-file will set you to the correct directory, open your dataset, do all analyses, and save any graphs or results you want saved.

I’ll start off by saying this: Any analysis you want to run in Stata can be run without a do-file, just using menus and individual commands in the command window. But you still should make a do-file for the following reason:

Reproducibility (more…)