October 2015 Membership Webinar: Correspondence Analysis

by guest

Correspondence analysis is a powerful exploratory multivariate technique for categorical variables with many levels. It is a data analysis tool that characterizes associations between levels of two or more categorical variables using graphical representations of the information in a contingency table. It is particularly useful when categorical variables have many levels.

This presentation will give a brief introduction and overview of the use of correspondence analysis, including a review of chi square analysis, and examples interpreting both simple and multiple correspondence plots.

Note: This webinar is an exclusive benefit for members of the Statistically Speaking Membership Program.

About the Instructor

Jessica-ThomsonDr. Jessica Thomson works as a research epidemiologist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Delta Human Nutrition Research Program.

Dr. Thomson has a broad background in statistics, with specific emphasis on nutritional epidemiology as it relates to obesity. Her current projects include the design, implementation, and evaluation of nutrition and physical activity interventions targeting the prevention of obesity in adults and children, as well as identification of dietary patterns in nationally representative child data sets.

She has a PhD in mathematical statistics.

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Jason Ferris

I am a big fan of CA/MCA… but I stand ‘almost’ alone in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately, CA is virtually unknown in Australia. So when I tell/teach about it, the topic is met with resistance.
Love to sit in on the BB program on CA – time differences means I won’t be able to do it live (and I am also attending a leximancer course: see https://www.issr.uq.edu.au/mfsas-stream-d).

Will the BB be recorded?


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