Respect Your Data

The steps you take to analyze data are just as important as the statistics you use. Mistakes and frustration in statistical analysis come as much, if not more, from poor process than from using the wrong statistical method.

Benjamin Earnhart of the University of Iowa has written a short (and humorous) article entitled “Respect Your Data” (requires LinkedIn account) that describes 23 practical steps that data analysts must take. This article was published in the newsletter of the American Statistical Association and has since been expanded and annotated


The Pathway: Steps for Staying Out of the Weeds in Any Data Analysis
Get the road map for your data analysis before you begin. Learn how to make any statistical modeling – ANOVA, Linear Regression, Poisson Regression, Multilevel Model – straightforward and more efficient.

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  1. Paul Edelson says


    Was disappointed to find that the link to Dr Earnhart’s essay is no longer live — do you have an up-dated address?

    Your newsleter and pdf guide look like great resources for students — are they available to people outside the insitution?

    thnaks — P.

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