Audrey Schnell, PhD

Statistical Consultant and Instructor

Audrey Schnell is a professional statistical consultant with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Consulting brings together her two passions — research and helping people.

Her expertise includes Biostatistics, Case Control Studies, Statistical Genetics, Epidemiology Cohort Studies, Longitudinal Studies, SQL, Propensity Matching, Linear Models, General Linear Mixed Models, Gerneralized Linear Mixed Models, Logistic/Ordinal/Multinomial Regression, Inter-rater Reliability, Small Sample Statistics, and Exploratory Factor Analysis. She uses SAS and SPSS.

She began her career in clinical psychology, and soon realized her love for research and, in particular, data analysis.

Audrey moved into the emerging field of genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics, and worked on a wide variety of common diseases believed to have a strong genetic component including hypertension, diabetes and psychiatric disorders. She helped develop software to analyze genetic data and taught classes in the US and Europe.

Audrey has worked in industry as well as for a number of different institutions, including Case Western Reserve University, Cedars-Sinai, University of California at San Francisco and Johns Hopkins. For the last several years, a portion of her work involves analyzing complicated cardiovascular imaging data with an emphasis on repeated measures analysis.

The Craft of Statistical Analysis Webinars

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