Workshops at The Analysis Factor

 Each workshop gives you the knowledge, tools, and skills to confidently implement that statistical method using your own data.

What You Need

A deep, intuitive understanding of the concepts. They need to really make sense.
To see examples of how the method plays out in real data sets -- messy ones, not the textbook perfect ones you got in classes.
A clear picture of the steps to complete the analysis, the order in which to implement them, and the decisions you need to make along the way. 
Guidance on how to implement in a statistical software package you are familiar with.
Many opportunities to ask questions both during and after the workshop (especially the questions that you're too embarrassed to ask your colleagues).
Time in between learning sessions to absorb, think about, and try out what you've learned before the next session.

 How We Do It

We have carefully set up our online workshops to ensure you get the knowledge and implementation skills that you need to apply what you've learned. Here's how:

1. Each topic is broken down into Modules.

Our workshops range from 4 to 8 modules according to the topic area.

Every module has four key pillars that support your learning of concepts and skills:

Webinar Session
A 1.5 to 2 hour webinar session in which your instructor teaches the concepts, walks you through examples, and answers your questions. 
Step-by-Step Demos
Video demonstrations to conduct every example in multiple statistical software packages. We give you the code to download so you can save and edit them for your own analysis. 
Q&A Session
Ponder the new material for a few days, try the exercises, then bring your questions to the instructor.
Try out what you've learned in each module to cement the material. We provide the syntax and answer sheets for all supported software, so you can see the solutions.

2. A Reasonable Schedule

We generally schedule one module per week for two reasons:

    a) You need time to absorb the material for best learning
    b) You can fit this into your regular work or school life

Q&A sessions are generally 5-6 days after the webinar so you have time to re-watch and try the exercises before the Q&A.

For longer workshops, we include a break week to give you a chance to catch up if you've gotten behind.

We always schedule our last Q&A session a couple weeks after the last session so again, you have a chance to try things out before the Q&A.

3. Resources and Support
We want to make sure you plenty of resources and access to instructors to support your learning.

As a participant, you can access these for 12-months in our participant-only website, the Workshops Center:
Resources and Materials include:
Data Sets
Real research data sets from each module in multiple formats, usually SPSS, SAS, Stata, and csv.
Session slides and supplementary material to support your learning.
Session Recordings
Made available within 48 hours so you can review material at your  preferred schedule.
Forum Access
Ask your instructor about workshop content or how to apply it to your own data analysis.
Q&A Recordings
Can't make a live Q&A? Submit questions ahead of time and get answers from the recording.
Suggested Resources
External videos, articles, or exercises that we recommend to support your learning.
"As I live outside of the US, I appreciated being able to download videos of modules and watch them in my own time. Detailed code for reproducing analyses in the major software packages was also very helpful."

- Steve Thomas, Previous workshop participant

4. Our Instructors:

• Approachable and friendly - genuinely nice people who are inspired to make statistics understandable.

• Speak your language - our goal is to clarify, not impress you with our jargon.

• Applied statisticians - have been in the trenches of data analysis for years and know the pitfalls of working with real data. It’s not an intellectual exercise for them.

• Encourage questions - especially the ones that feel stupid. 
Who are our workshops for?
Academic Researchers

Whether you're working on your own project or guiding your graduate students, our workshops help you learn to implement statistical methods that you didn't learn in graduate school.

Expand your statistical knowledge so you can give conference presentations and publish your research results with confidence.

Graduate Students
We understand that statistics courses give you the theoretical knowledge, but not the skills to apply it to real, not-textbook-perfect data.

And when you are in the midst of dissertation madness or your adviser does not have a background on a specific topic, it can be hard to know where to turn.

That's where our workshops serve as that extra training to empower you to understand your results, defend your research, and take your skills to the next level.
Professional Researchers
Sometimes your organization needs you to do a specific type of analysis on a topic area that you haven't touched in years. If nobody else on your team knows that topic, it can be hard to find resources.
Statistical Consultants

It’s hard to be the “point person” for all things statistical without a team to back you up.

And that’s exactly why we create workshops where applied statisticians like you can get practical, relevant, jargon-free training and support to learn new statistical methods.

Advantages to The Analysis Factor Approach:

You learn the material in depth
 You have many opportunities to ask questions

The focus is on concepts, interpretation, and application, not theory or math

You can review lectures, Q&As and software demo videos

You get support after the workshop ends

You aren’t limited to one software

You get supplementary free videos that go in depth on related subjects

You have no travel and hotel costs

Live instruction gives you structure and support

Student Discounts of up to 40% off

"The interactivity is a feature that I loved. I didn't feel like it's a virtual/online course. Indeed, it worked better for me because I am shy to speak up in a traditional classroom setting."

- Sun Yong Lee, Previous workshop participant
Workshop Instructors

"The instructor was delightfully pleasant, knowledgeable, slow paced, non-judgmental, and responsive." 

- Previous workshop participant

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

As with all our programs, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you participate fully in a workshop–watch, read, and try out everything included–and find you are not satisfied for any reason, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Just notify us within 90 days of purchasing the program.


Q. Will I be able to keep up?

You WILL need to spend some time each week, both going over the modules, and also “getting your hands dirty” with some data. Expect to spend 5-8 hours per week reviewing the concepts and doing the exercises, and re-running class examples on your own.

You know how this goes: The more time you put in, the deeper your understanding.

 Q. What’s your refund policy?

Your registration fee is fully refundable up to 72 hours before your first class session. No refunds will be granted after the program begins.


Q: Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, we do! Current students with a valid ID can register for up to 40% off the standard rate. Click here to receive our student discount on all our workshops:


Q: Things are very busy at work right now, and I’m afraid I won’t have time to keep up. How much time per week does this really take?

 We’ve worked hard to make sure people can take a workshop in the midst of their normal work life. For longer workshops, we build in a week off halfway through the course.

Each workshop instruction session is 1.5-2 hours, whether you attend live or listen to the recording.

Afterward, we have a one-hour Q&A session. You don’t have to attend, we just make those available so you can have any questions answered or listen in on others’ questions.

We provide exercises, answers and data sets, so you can practice what you’ve learned each week and get help in the Q&As. These will take you a few hours each week, maybe up to 3 or so. The exercises aren’t required—you’re not graded. But we’ve gotten feedback that they’re very helpful, as it allows you to practice and figure out what you did and didn’t understand.

 In other words, each week, there are approximately 2 hours of instruction, one hour of Q&A, and about 2-3 hours of practice time. So if you have a crazy hectic week during the workshop, you have catch up time. But If you have a crazy hectic month, you may be better off waiting as you won’t really have a chance to catch up.

One reminder: You have access to the workshop website, all materials, and a place to ask questions for a year. So if you get behind, you aren’t missing out. You can catch up on your schedule.


Q: I teach/work/sleep during this time and cannot attend live. Is there any way to register and access the webinar sessions later?

 Yes! We have participants from many time zones with many different work schedules. In order to support our diverse student base, all workshop sessions – including the modules and Q&As — are recorded and made available to students within 48 hours. They’re screenshot video files, so you’ll hear the instructor talking and see her screen, just as live participants do. You can even submit questions for written answers any time between sessions. Many students take the entire workshop in this manner, never attending a session live.

You can also download and keep these videos forever, so if you need to refresh your memory at any point in the future, it’s yours to review.


Q: I’m outside the U.S. Can I still participate?

 Yes. We have participants in our workshops from many different countries. You will want a fast internet connection and either a computer speaker or a telephone if you plan to attend live.


Q: Can I pay with Paypal?

 Yes. When you check out, you can pay directly using our system or paying with Paypal. However, the three-payment option is not available using PayPal.


Q: Can I join the Q&A webinars from my tablet or phone?

 Yes. You can join all webinar sessions from your Apple or Android device by downloading a free GoToMeeting app.


Q: This really isn’t a good time for me. Will you be offering this workshop again soon?

We don't have a set schedule for running each workshop. We try to schedule each workshop every 12-18 months, though very popular workshops may be offered more often. We are sometimes unable to re-run a workshop if the instructor becomes unavailable so there are no guarantees that any workshop will be run again.

If you think you'll need the material in the next half-year or so, I would suggest registering now. You’ll get all the materials to download and review at your convenience, and you can attend again for free any time in the next 12 months.

Have additional questions? We’re here to help! Just email us at