Data Analysis Practice and Skills

These Skills span all four Stages, but most of them need to be honed at Stages 1 and 2

The Craft of Statistical Analysis Free Webinars

The 13 Steps to Running any Statistical Model

Statistically Speaking Trainings

(Just About) Everything You Need To Know Before Starting a Survey

The Fundamentals of Sample Size Calculations

Power Analysis and Sample Size Determination Using Simulation

Small Sample Statistics

A Data Analyst’s Guide to Methods and Tools for Reproducible Research

Communicating Statistical Results to Non-Statisticians

Communicating Statistical Results: When to Use Tables vs Graphs to Tell the Data’s Story

Articles at The Analysis Factor

Planning and Choosing a Data Analysis

Strategies for Choosing and Planning a Statistical Analysis

When To Fight For Your Analysis and When To Jump Through Hoops

Chi-square test vs. Logistic Regression: Is a fancier test better?

Statistical Consulting 101: 4 Questions you Need to Answer to Choose a Statistical Method

5 Practical Issues to Consider in Choosing a Statistical Analysis

What Makes a Statistical Analysis Wrong?

Data Preparation

An Easy Way to Reverse Code Scale items

Preparing Data for Analysis is (more than) Half the Battle

Rescaling Sets of Variables to Be on the Same Scale

The Wide and Long Data Format for Repeated Measures Data

On Data Integrity and Cleaning

Running any Data Analysis

3 Tips for Keeping Track of Data Files in a Large Data Analysis

Tricks for Using Word to Make Statistical Syntax Easier

Statistical Rules of Thumb: Essential Practices or Urban Myths?

The Data Analysis Work Flow: 9 Strategies for Keeping Track of your Analyses and Output

Respect Your Data

Communicating Results

Examples for Writing up Results of Mixed Models

Adding Statistical Equations to Word using Microsoft Equation Editor