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Member Training: Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a popular method to test hypothetical relationships between constructs in the social sciences. These constructs ... Continue Reading

An Introduction to Repeated Measures Designs

There are many designs that could be considered Repeated Measures design, and they all have one key feature: you measure the outcome variable for each ... Continue Reading

Getting Started with Stata Tutorial #5: The Stata Do-File

From our first Getting Started with Stata posts, you should be comfortable navigating the windows and menus of Stata. We can now get into  programming ... Continue Reading

Member Training: Linear Regression in SPSS (Tutorial)

Regression is one of the most common analyses in statistics. Most of us learn it in grad school, and we learned it in a specific software. Maybe SPSS, ... Continue Reading

Too Many Colors Spoil the Graph

When you draw a graph- either a bar chart, a scatter plot, or even a pie chart, you have the choice of a broad range of colors that you can use. R, ... Continue Reading

Assumptions of Linear Models are about Errors, not the Response Variable

I recently received a great question in a comment about whether the assumptions of normality, constant variance, and independence in linear models are ... Continue Reading

Member Training: Coarsened Exact Matching, an Alternative to Propensity Score Matching

The objective for quasi-experimental designs is to establish cause and effect relationships between the dependent and independent variables. However, ... Continue Reading

Beyond R-squared: Assessing the Fit of Regression Models

A well-fitting regression model results in predicted values close to the observed data values. The mean model, which uses the mean for every predicted ... Continue Reading

Getting Started with Stata Tutorial #4: the Statistics Menu

In part 3 of this series, we explored the Stata graphics menu. In this post, let's look at the Stata Statistics menu. Statistics Menu Let’s use ... Continue Reading

Member Training: Effective File and Process Management in Statistical Projects

Do you ever wish your data analysis project were a little more organized? ... Continue Reading

Charting a Path to Statistical Confidence and Mastery

Tell me if you can relate to this: You love your field of study, you enjoy asking the big questions and discovering answers. But, when it comes to ... Continue Reading

When the Hessian Matrix Goes Wacky

If you have run mixed models much at all, you have undoubtedly been haunted by some version of this very obtuse warning: “The Hessian (or G or D) ... Continue Reading

The Difference Between Crossed and Nested Factors

One of those tricky, but necessary, concepts in statistics is the difference between crossed and nested factors. As a reminder, a factor is any ... Continue Reading

What is Family-wise Error Rate?

In statistical practice, there are many situations where best practices are clear. There are many, though, where they aren’t. The granddaddy of these ... Continue Reading

Five Ways to Analyze Ordinal Variables (Some Better than Others)

There are not a lot of statistical methods designed just to analyze ordinal variables. But that doesn't mean that you're stuck with few options.  ... Continue Reading

The Wide and Long Data Format for Repeated Measures Data

One issue in data analysis that feels like it should be obvious, but often isn't, is setting up your data. The kinds of issues involved ... Continue Reading

Member Training: Interactions in Poisson and Logistic Regression – Part 2

Interactions in statistical models are never especially easy to interpret. Throw in non-normal outcome variables and non-linear prediction functions ... Continue Reading

Concepts in Linear Regression to know before learning Multilevel Models

Are you learning Multilevel Models? Do you feel ready? Or in over your head? It's a very common analysis to need to use. I have to say, learning it ... Continue Reading

The Difference between Standard Deviation and Standard Error

Standard deviation and standard error are statistical concepts you probably learned well enough in Intro Stats to pass the test.  Conceptually, you ... Continue Reading

Member Training: Frailty Models

Most survival analysis models for time-to-event data, like Cox regression, assume independence. The survival time for one individual cannot influence ... Continue Reading

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Statistical Consulting Services: Quick Question

Want some 1-on-1 time with one of our consultants? The Analysis Factor website is full of information about statistics and doing data analyses. But ... Continue Reading

Statistical Consulting Services

statistical consulting Sometimes you need one-on-one intensive guidance. With ... Continue Reading

Statistical Consulting Services: Hourly

Hourly Statistical Consulting For when you need guidance and advice for a statistical plan or analysis. Perfect if you have: a need for help to ... Continue Reading

Tutorial Enrollment: Linear Regression in SPSS

Linear Regression in SPSS A live, 3-session online tutorial, starts April 2nd, 2024 Enroll Now! You open SPSS menus for Regression and ... Continue Reading


  Live, Currently Enrolling ... Continue Reading


Enrolling Linear Regression in SPSS Instructor: Kat Caldwell Stage: 2, Linear Models Software: SPSS Live Sessions: Tuesdays, ... Continue Reading

Seminar Enrollment: Levels of Measurement and Types of Variables

Levels of Measurement and Types of Variables Training Seminar Understand the nuances in determining the types of variables you're working with and ... Continue Reading

Seminar Enrollment: Types of Regression Models

Types of Regression Models: Training Seminar 18 Types of Regression Models — What They Are and When to Use Them Enroll Now! Linear, Logistic, ... Continue Reading

Seminar Enrollment: Crossed and Nested Factors

Crossed and Nested Factors Training Seminar Understand the difference between crossed and nested factors in multilevel, mixed models, and ... Continue Reading

Seminar Enrollment: Multicollinearity

Multicollinearity Training Seminar Learn best practices for finding and fixing issues caused by multicollinearity in regression models Enroll ... Continue Reading

Tutorial Enrollment: Introduction to Data Analysis with Stata

Introduction to Data Analysis using Stata 9 Module Tutorial — Currently Available Enroll Now! As a researcher, it’s critical for you to know ... Continue Reading

Tutorial Enrollment: Introduction to Data Analysis with SPSS

Introduction to Data Analysis with SPSS A 10-Module online tutorial with direct instructor support Enroll Now! OVERWHELMED trying to run ... Continue Reading

Effect Size Statistics; Power and Sample Size Calculations; and Statistical Inference

effect size statistics, power and sample calculations, and statistical inference Use these resources to learn with The Analysis Factor. Listed below ... Continue Reading

Structural Equation Modeling

structural equation modeling resources Listed below are workshops, trainings, and articles to help you learn Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). SEM ... Continue Reading

Our Programs

how can The Analysis Factor help you with statistics? ... Continue Reading


Currently Enrolling Interpreting (Even Tricky) Regression Coefficients Instructor: Karen Grace-Martin Stage: 2, Linear ... Continue Reading

Fundamental Statistics

resources for fundamental statistics Use the resources here to learn fundamental statistics with The Analysis Factor. Listed Below are our Workshop, ... Continue Reading

Data Analysis Practice and Skills

Resources to improve your data analysis practice and skills As a data analyst, it's not enough to understand statistics or to be able to use the ... Continue Reading

Statistical Consulting Services: Results Section Review

Results Section Review Submit your paper with confidence that your results section is statistically sound and well written. Perfect if: You're ... Continue Reading

Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis

principal component analysis and factor analysis resources Listed below are workshops, trainings, and articles to help you learn principal component ... Continue Reading